One Year Anniverary of my middle grade novel Queen of Likes

queen-of-likes-9781481445214_lgYou know how first year birthdays are a big deal? Lots of presents, mashing your hands in birthday cake, balloons. Lot of fanfare.

Well, for the first time, I’m feeling that way about my book, Queen of Likes.

I figured it out because Facebook now reminds you of such things. On your feed you will see, here is what you were doing last year at this time. Do you want to post it?

For me, last year at this time I was celebrating the launch of my middle grade, Queen of Likes at Copperfield’s Book. And I didn’t post it on FB because I felt embarrassed. It seemed like too much–I was asking for congratulations all over again.

But now that I’m mulling it over, I think it’s okay to mark milestones for books as well as people. A year ago, I was really stressed out thinking about all the different things you’re supposed to think about when you do a book launch? Did I invite everybody I should? And will they actually show up? Will I be standing there in front of an empty bookstore? And did I have enough cool things for kids to do? Would it be fun? Or just the Hillary ego show?

A year later, I’m sitting at home reflecting and definitely not stressing. But it’s a good kind of stress.

I’m very proud of the book. It shows how social media affects social and emotional development of tweens–something worth discussing. In the novel, seventh grade Karma Cooper, worries too much about generating LIKES on her posts. She posts to simply generate LIKES versus posting what she likes. When her parents take away her phone, she has a chance to explore photography and explore what she really values. I think it’s a fun read and manages not to be preachy. It’s not anti-technology either. It’s just that I think it’s worth discussing out social media affects our consciousness, especially the self-concept of young people.

While the book hasn’t been a blockbuster, it’s doing just fine. It sold to the Scholastic book club as well to the PJ Library OurWay I’m really proud of that my baby is turning one 🙂IMG_2101

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