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Two Heads Are Better Than One 

Double Trouble! Barton and Nancy Jamison are just regular kids. That is until alien clones land in their hometown of Pine Bluff. Now there are two Barts and two Nancys! So what do the kids decided them to do? Use them to do chores. But (and this is a really big but), the alien clones, Beta and Gamma, have a totally wacky take on earth life. Whenever they’re around, something always gets messed up.

Beta thinks the living room is alive and feeds the furniture and mows the carpet. And when the alien plays baseball for Barton, watch out. When Coach tells Beta to tear up the base, he… well…you guessed it. He shreds second base. And when he tells the clone to run home, the clone’s a little confused. After all, Beta’s home is on Ungapotch a million trillion light years away.

Who Let The Dogs Out? 

Barton and Nancy are supposed to be minding the store—the pet store, that is. But instead they’re off trying to win tickets to see their favorite band, Woptic. So who’s watching the animals? Their alien clones, Beta and Gamma, that’s who! They can take care of a few little critters…What could go wrong?

Everything! The clones let the dogs, the parakeets, the boa constrictors out, as well as munch on dog biscuits and wear fish tank gear as jewelry, put a customer in a cage and turn her pedigreed poodle into a punker pooch . They also do their mucka mucka pinky power on J.T., Barton and Nancy’s fav rock star who’s signing autographs at the music store. Uh oh, looks who’s in trouble now!



The Baby-Sitter Wore Diapers 

Barton and Nancy are supposed to be watching the neighbors’ kids but they’re actually competing in the Pine Bluff skateboarding competition. So who’s minding little Gilbert? The alien clones, Beta and Gamma, that’s who!

But that mind not be such a goo thing. Faster than you can say mucka mucka, the neighbors’ house is wrecked, Beta and Gamma are in diapers, and Gilbert is turned into a woozie! What’s a woozie? Read on and find out!



Food Fight! 

Play Ball! Skye Johnson, the world’s greatest basketball player, is visiting Barton and Nancy’s school! Barton and Nancy are dying to get his autograph, but they’re stuck in the school cafeteria without a bathroom pass! What can they do?

Call in the clones! Beta and Gamma are thrilled to sit in the cafeteria for them. They can’t wait to savor those culinary delights. But Beta and Gamma haven’t quite figured out table manners yet, so instead of enjoying a nice quiet lunch, they start the biggest food fight in Pine Bluff Elementary School’s history! Hopefully, they won’t get into any more trouble before Barton and Nancy get back!

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