Things Are Gonna Get Ugly

I look up, staring at the face staring back at me. There must be some mistake….There must be someone else looking at herself in the mirror. I open my mouth. The person in the mirror opens her mouth. I touch my nose, and so does the skeevy in the mirror.

When Ernestine Smith moved from Pennsylvania to California, she reinvented herself as Taffeta — so successfully that she’s now the leader of The Girls, the enviable popular clique at La Cambria Middle School. That is, until she’s caught cheating off brilliant-but-geeky Winslow Fromes, and Mr. Dribble, her social studies teacher, offers her a fresh start in lieu of punishment. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance? But what Taffeta doesn’t realize is that Mr. Dribble has the ability to turn her back into Ernestine, as if her transformation into Taffeta never happened. The only way to become Taffeta again is to dance with Winslow at Winterfest…no problem for Taffeta, but even Winslow wants nothing to do with a loser like Ernestine.

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