How important is it to write 10 hours a day?

I must admit that I love a balanced approached to time management. But I didn’t always. In the past (and no so distant past–we are talking like 3.5 years ago), whenever I had a publishing deadline I used to stay up all night long or more. Yes, on more than one occasion I stayed up […]

How Many Hours Do You Need to Write Each Day?

How many hours ideally would you like to write each day? Two? Four? Ten? I used to have this idea that the goal was always more. And that if I had more time, I’d have more pages and better pages, which would result in more books and better books. But, recently, I’m revising this idea. […]

To write more, I’m on a no TV, no movie diet, but am I taking it too far?

You might have noticed that I haven’t written in my blog, for ahem, one month. I had pledged to be a weekly blogger and I had been fulfilling that promise. But then I went to teach at Hollins and the blogosphere seemed so far away. Hollins University is a a woman’s college in Southwest Virginia, […]

Getting it Right in the Beginning vs. Writing through to the End

Hi Everyone, I love finding out what books you’re reading and what you currently recommend. I was influenced by reading Laini Taylor’s recent blog post about not writing through the end and getting the first one third right, and in the comment section, I came across her book recommendation list. Her posting about the values […]

I Needed Some Accountability as an Author and Here’s Why

Are you accountable for your time? I wasn’t. I have never been a great judge of time, and my entire life I’m inclined to run ten minutes late, or even worse when I’m overwhelmed. I have a tendency to take onto too much and then be the eternal optimist that I can get it all […]