Motivational Speaking

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I realized as a mom, a children’s book author and as a professor of children’s writing, that storytelling is an incredibly powerful tool available to anyone and everyone. Based on this realization, I developed three signature talks to address storytelling as an effective tool for positive change.  My talks include:

Help Children Sleep Better Through Telling Stories: the Critical Piece We’re Missing At Bedtime

  • Why Children will feel better.
  • How to work out specific anxieties.
  • How to get children to look forward to bedtime.
  • Why stories increase reader readiness and language skills.

Healing Through Story: Ten Ways to Create More Joy and Well-being

Learning from our Elders Through Story: Restoring the Disconnect Between the Generations

  • Five tips for physically healing.
  • How to create joy.
  • Why routines matters
  • What age should storytelling stop?

Learning from our Elders Through Story: Restoring the Disconnect Between the Generations

  • Benefits of transmitting life stories.
  • How to break down life stories.
  • How indirect communication strengthens vital bonds.

I bring to the table twenty years of experience telling stories as a published children’s author and journalist, performing my tales Off-Broadway, and helping  hundreds of writers to find their own voice.

These invaluable talks are meant for educators, mental health professionals, senior groups, pastoral and spiritual groups, healthcare workers, librarians, social workers, caregivers, parents, as well as advocacy groups.

Audiences will thank you for bringing such a powerful and relevant message to your organization.  They’ll walk away with the secrets of how to tap into their own creative powers of storytelling, in ways that liberate, strengthen bonds and increase joy. They’ll learn principles that anyone can incorporate in order to find more well-being through story.

Come closer to friends and family, heal the hurts of the world, and rediscover your own creative voice.  What stories will YOU tell?