The Cover Reveal Waiting Game

Very very soon, I’ll be able to reveal two covers of new books, Ellie May on Presidents’ Day and Ellie May on April Fools’ Day. These are chapter books that will be coming out late December of 2018. For so long that seemed like a very futuristic date, but now it feels like it’s almost […]

Cover reveal for my new middle grade–Pumpkin Spice Secrets!!!!!

Okay, here’s a secret you can share. And please do. Because it’s a cover reveal. For my new middle grade, Pumpkin Spice Secrets, coming out this fall with Sky Pony Press. This book will launch Skypony’s new Swirl line, which is an imprint dedicated to books that speak directly to tween girls in a fun […]

One Year Anniverary of my middle grade novel Queen of Likes

You know how first year birthdays are a big deal? Lots of presents, mashing your hands in birthday cake, balloons. Lot of fanfare. Well, for the first time, I’m feeling that way about my book, Queen of Likes. I figured it out because Facebook now reminds you of such things. On your feed you will […]

How important is it to write 10 hours a day?

I must admit that I love a balanced approached to time management. But I didn’t always. In the past (and no so distant past–we are talking like 3.5 years ago), whenever I had a publishing deadline I used to stay up all night long or more. Yes, on more than one occasion I stayed up […]

Do you print out all your chapters as your write your WIP?

I used to always print out my chapters as I wrote. My printer saw a lot of me. But for my current WIP I did something very differently. I rarely printed out chapters after I wrote them. Instead, I did almost all of my editing on the computer. Look, there were exceptions. For example, I […]