Cover reveal for my new middle grade–Pumpkin Spice Secrets!!!!!

Okay, here’s a secret you can share. And please do.

Because it’s a cover reveal.

For my new middle grade, Pumpkin Spice Secrets, coming out this fall with Sky Pony Press. This book will launch Skypony’s new Swirl line, which is an imprint dedicated to books that speak directly to tween girls in a fun yet very real way. I’m so honored to launch the line, and my editor, Becky Herrick, has been a dream to work with–always available to brainstorm with me. And so very positive and kind and whip-smart.

Poor Becky has had to put up with plenty of my dumb pumpkin spice puns. But it’s hard not to talk about how something that I wrote is really sweet or spicy or forthy and tasty. Ugh. See what I mean?

Anyway, isn’t the cover cute? Don’t you just want to eat it up? Or rather drink it? Actually, blow on it first, then sip slowly because it’s hot.

Uh oh. Now you’re going to get the wrong idea. You’re going to think it’s YA, when it’s not. It’s so very tween. Pinky promise. So it’s not hot. It’s lovely and warm and soothing. There’s plenty of best friend drama, and there’s a crush but there’s no–ahem–any physicality apart from holding hands (and that’s at the very end).

Oh uh. I just gave away a major plot point. Don’t worry there is SO much in between. Rest assured, it’s one of those books that’s sweet authentic and ends well. Personally, I’ve been pretty stressed out recently and it was so lovely to write a book like this. I think you’ll really enjoy a trip to the Swirl cafe.


  1. Bryan Patrick Avery says:

    Hi Hillary! We’re so excited. Ashley loves the cover!

  2. This looks delicious, Hillary!

  3. love the cover. Sounds like a great imprint. Good luck to all.

  4. Congratulations Hillary! Wow, what an honour to be the first to launch the line. And your book sounds positively scrumptious!

  5. Kitty Flowers says:

    Congratulations on your newest project and on it being selected as the first for a new imprint. WOW doesn’t seem to cover it. The book sounds like a delicious read. Putting it on my wishlist and will be sending it to my granddaughter. Love and hugs, Kitty.

  6. Tracey Brown says:

    Congratulations, Hillary on your new book – the first for Swirl! The cover looks positively heavenly!

  7. How adorable! Makes me want to read it!

  8. Melanie Vickers says:

    Hi Hillary,
    I am happy for you. The cover is yummy-looking and I love happy endings.

  9. Andrea Fooner says:

    Hillary, Congratulations you’ve done it again, and are launching a new tween fiction series. You’re career is inspiring, and your books are adorable. Here’s to blast off reviews and big sales. Best, Andrea

  10. Sherri Ashburner says:

    YAY Hillary–Congrats! Pumpkin Spice Secrets sounds so cute(caught the blurb in PW). It’s such a delish-looking cover–a real eye-catcher. Best of luck with it!

  11. Katherine says:

    Looks fun! Is the swirl imprint all about different coffee drinks?

    • That’s a great question, Katherine. That would probably be a fun concept. As far as I know, my book is the only coffee shop-centric book. Book two is about a girl taking care of a lost dog (the dog of a boy who is her enemy). The idea is that all of the books will be light, fun, real and sweet–like a dollop of cream at a coffee shop.

  12. Congrats, Hillary! This is so exciting, and what a fun cover! This will be perfect to read curled up in a blanket with my favorite fall drink! (Which, of course, is a pumpkin spice latte!)

  13. Ave Maria Cross says:

    The title, PUMPKIN SPICE and the eye-catching cover will, no doubt, have so many girls wondering what’s going on inside. I love the decision to call this particular series of books Swirl (a whirling of mass or motion; a whirling confusion). It rhymes with ‘girl’ and the concept is so feminine. And girls are so good at keeping secrets — or not. This book will be a page turner, I’m sure. Write on!

    • Hi, Ava,
      Wow, I didn’t even think about how Swirl rhymes with girl. You are, no doubt, a poet to notice this!

  14. Can’t wait to read this. I love your writing and this cover ROCKS!

  15. Hi Hillary,
    Your cover of pumpkin spice latte looks absolutely yummy. Makes me want a sip right now!

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