The Cover Reveal Waiting Game

Very very soon, I’ll be able to reveal two covers of new books, Ellie May on Presidents’ Day and Ellie May on April Fools’ Day. These are chapter books that will be coming out late December of 2018.

For so long that seemed like a very futuristic date, but now it feels like it’s almost here.

In the magazine publishing biz, for example, they are always thinking six months ahead. While most of us might still be organizing our summer plans, magazine editors are planning their gift giving guides.

And in book publishing, they are often thinking much further out, especially for picture books and chapter books, which must be illustrated.

So the Ellie May books have been in the planning for a few years now, so that’s why it seems as if December is almost here.

I’m really enjoying working with Charlesbridge on Ellie May, and in particular my editor. She’s helped me to deepen the stories while still keeping the narrative moving and the humor firmly in tact.

But meanwhile, I wanted you to know that I can’t wait to share the covers with you. One little hint. Let’s just say that Ellie might have very curly hair. As a little girl with very curly hair, I felt like I never saw myself on covers so this is something I wanted to see. And I don’t mean Shirley Temple controlled ringlets, I mean hair that just has its own mind and goes its own way–a lot like my character, Ellie May.

Can’t wait to show it to y’all very soon!

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