How I (Sometimes) Balance Motherhood and Writing

I’m not always an acrobat. But it’s something I’m always working on–balancing motherhood and parenting. Recently, I was blown off course. I was so busy that I found myself not having time to read to my first grader at night. Not good! I have been re-correcting over the past couple of weeks. Here are six […]

Five Tips on How to Tell a Funny Story

A lot of people ask me about being funny. I guess it’s the whole writing funny books for tweens and younger kids thing. Plus, in an earlier life, I used to perform sketch comedy in New York with Rubber Feet and HA! Comedy Duo. You can read all about it in the bio section of […]

When it Comes to Writing, Are You a Monogamist?

Some writers work on one thing at a time. Others are multi-taskers and successfully handle many projects at once. I’m not about to tell you which way to be–only you can decide what works best for you. However, I can tell you how I operate. I’m a serial monogamist when it comes to writing. I […]

The Three Questions that will Give Your Work-in-Progress (WIP) a Verb Tune-Up

When looking over the verbs in your WIP, you can pose three questions that will dramatically tune-up your draft. First, I’ll launch into the first question you should ask. It might seem basic, but it can’t be overlooked. 1) Are you using passive voice? When I’m critiquing manuscripts with passive voice, it signals to me […]

What are the Five Hottest Imaginary Creatures? Plus, My Biggest Contest Ever!

To celebrate my book birthday, I’m sponsoring list mania. Okay, so today’s not my exact book birthday. That happened on March 8. But my newest book, THE HOT LIST (Simon & Schuster/Aladdin M!X) is only a newborn at just over one month. And you want to show off your new baby, right? You want to […]